No more issues with holding the grove tube modeled selfie stick

Each time you place the phone in the selfie stick you are excited to take a selfie but what if the stick twists off as you have an old model of the selfie stick with you that does not give you enough support for taking photos at a considerable distance from the place where you are standing. What sort of material is used and what sort of design is applied at the time of making the old modelled sticks is not known to us. But, with the selfie stick we are pretty clear that the grove tube that is there in middle of the stick could help us hold the stick in a perfect way and grab the photos with ease.

This grove tube could also be extended depending on your requirement so that you could capture the same picture from multiple distances. As this part of the stick is firm it would not give you any trouble in terms of bending all of a sudden thus causing lot of inconvenience when you have to take a selfie with a popular personality of your office, college or in the society. You could avoid the embarrassing situation where you have to keep the celebrity waiting for you during when you would have to rush to a third person and request them to take a snap for you.
Of course, the chances of damaging your phone would be less with this grove tube modelled selfie stick as you would get complete grip on the phone with the adjustable clamp that is provided in it. All that you should learn how tightly you should close the clamp when you fit the phone in it. When you know this the damages to the phone would obviously be less.